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Jason Bacon - Founder

You're not alone.

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Business Plan Services

Your business vision, meticulously crafted. In the intricate labyrinth of business planning, you're seeking a guide – someone who's traversed the path countless times, who knows every turn and every challenge. Welcome to Sunstone Strategic, where expert navigation meets wise counsel.

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Entrepreneur Mindset Coaching

It is our belief that "entrepreneur" is a verb, not a noun. It's not a title you have, but describes a set of actions that anyone can undertake. We've guided hundreds of entrepreneurs forward with this mentality, and we can help you.

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"Change is the end result of all true learning."

Do you need something more? Custom curriculum developed? Training for you or your workers? How about some inspiration? Sunstone will bring the passion, stories and expertise you need to move your business forward.

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"I never felt like cancelling a meeting with Jason. He always has the best interest of the entrepreneur community in mind and, most importantly, he remains a huge advocate of practical and action based advocacy. Coaches and mentors who try to dazzle you with the latest academic buzz words are a dime a dozen but Jason will actually help you get shit done. I loved working with him and plan to do so again at the next opportunity."

Dave Wishnowski, CEO, Hammerlock Media

If you want someone who gets you. I mean actually gets you and wants to help you with your business, Jason is the guy. He's not gonna say he has all the answers, but knowing he was there to help us find the answer was all we needed. Don't think. Just do. He will help, guaranteed.

Tyler Bowden, Entrepreneur

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