Public Speaking & Facilitation

Inspiration. Motivation. Education. 

Sunstone can also provide professional speaking services, workshops, education delivery or train the trainer programming surrounding effective engagement in a digital environment. These prices are custom based on the needs of the customer, with our expertise detailed below. For further information, or to inquire about these services, please contact us. 

Motivational Speaking 

The founder of Sunstone Strategic, Jason Bacon, has faced many obstacles in his life. But none were larger, or more fearsome, than himself. For years he told himself stories about who he was and how he needed to be. Then he learned to take control of his own story. Since that time he has lost more than 70 pounds, began a reading habit that grew from 0 books a year to 42 books a year and launched his own business. Having gone from failing grade 12 math in high school, to being the Senior Manager of Entrepreneur Education for ATB Financial, and now a full-time entrepreneur, he can speak to taking control of your own story. 

 Jason Bacon - Founder


Workshops  / Facilitation

Does your organization have a need to better understand the entrepreneur mindset? How to take change and turn it into an opportunity as opposed to an obstacle? How to adapt, learn and overcome? Then this is for you. This guided workshop, entitled "Listen, Lean, Leap" will take your group through the mindset and tools of an entrepreneur. With stories, humor, connection and collaboration, you can give your employees the tools they need to be intrapreneurs. 

Alternatively, if you have content of you own and an engaging facilitator that is able to deliver, we can help. Sunstone founder, Jason Bacon, is an accomplished and experienced facilitator who is able to translate complex topics to easily digestible ideas through story and connection. 

Education Development / Delivery

If you have a need for a custom program to be developed for entrepreneurs, then Sunstone can help. With experience in training hundreds of entrepreneurs across many business disciplines, we will work with you to create programming that is memorable, and creates real value for the entrepreneurs. 

In addition to this, we can also provide train the trainer programming to ensure your digital facilitators are best prepared to accomplish the above. We will go through proper engagement techniques, how to adapt content for digital delivery, and will also attend and provide real feedback to help make them more effective.